Mattress Sizes
Fitted Sheet (Inches) - top surface measurments **
Flat Sheets(In inches)
Pillowcases (In Inches)
28'' x 52''
42'' x 72''
39'' x 75''
66'' x 96''
20'' x 26''
Twin X-Long
39'' x 80''
66'' x 102''
20'' x 26''
54'' x 75''
81'' x 96''
20'' x 26''
60'' x 80''
90'' x 102''
20'' x 30''
King (Standard/Eastern)
76-78'' x 80''
108'' x 102''
20'' x 30 to 40''
California King
72'' x 84''
102'' x 110''
20'' x 30 to 40''



Some Manufacturers are currently either adding a few extra inches OR shaving inches off of these " standard" sizes. Understand the exact size of the mattress you decide to purchase and how fitted sheets may not fit correctly on "non-standard" sized.


Please note that mattress depths vary widely by manufacturer Measure Depth of your mattress before purchasing sheets. Standard and older mattress average 9-12", while newer pillow-top mattresses are 14-16: deep and up. These deeper mattresses will require additional depth in fitted sheets.

If you own an extra-deep mattress, be aware of flat sheet size as well. Choose the largest size available so there will be an adwquate of length to tuck in at least 8-12" underneath the end of the bed. In some cases it may be necessary to purchase the next size up (a queen flat sheet for a double bed, ect.), in order to cover the deeper mattress.


* The dimensions of flat sheets vary somewhat in width and length by manufacturer. The denotes that some manufacturers offer sheets with few added inches look for these to use on larger, pillow-top mattresses.